Activity / Exercise Alternatives

What makes the crew awesome is our diversity in background, abilities and experiences. The challenges with the #ChallengeMe2024 crew often include various exercises and activities that I understand not everyone can complete them. There are physical limitations at play for one reason or another. On this page I offer some alternatives; however, please feel free to substitute anything you feel matches the spirit of the ask and your abilities.

A search on Google or Youtube for any of these alternatives can provide you instructions on how to complete these activities/movements.

Jumping JacksMarching In Place; Air Squats & Overhead Presses
PlanksWall Plank; Bird Dogs; Supermans; Raised Knee-Ins
Sit-ups / CrunchesPlanks; Dead Bug; Leg Raises; Reverse Crunches
Squats / Air SquatsStep Ups; Floor Bridges; Leg Curls; Squat Onto A Chair
LungesBack Squats; Lateral Walks; Sumo Squats & Calf Raises
PushupsWall Pushups; Chest Press; Standing Chest Flys
HikeWalk On Pavement; Bike; Swim
WalkTreadmill Walk; Bike; Swim

If you have any questions, just ping me in Connect ( @BgJn214 ) or on Instagram ( @SeeYourselfFit ). Rock it! 💪