#Sizzlin4Summer – #ChallengeMe2024 Q2

We’re welcoming summer this month! ☀️

June includes the start of summer–this year on June 20th. The #ChallengeMe2024 crew is bringing the heat with our #Sizzlin4Summer challenge! This challenge starts today, June 1st and ends on June 28th.

June starts the summer buzz which, at a minimum, makes staying focused on the health journey difficult for many (including myself). The overall goal of this challenge: Stay engaged on the journey.

How are we to do that? Well we have a bingo board with 25 tasks/items to complete over 28 days. Most of those items of up for your interpretation so you’ll have to post about them in Connect explaining how you earned the box. In addition to the box item you must:

  • Track honestly and stay within your points
  • Get 30+ minutes of activity in

That’s right, it’s either tracking or activity AND the box directive in order to earn that box for the day. You can only earn one box per day (unless you’re starting late–you can double up until you’re caught up to the day of the challenge).

My logic… if you’re coming into the app and posting, you mine as well track too. Maybe even log some activity. Keeping the the app and items in the forefront of your mind will hopefully help remind you (and me) to stay focused throughout the month.

The tracker is below (or download the printable one here) and let’s get sizzlin! 🔥

#Sizzlin4Summer Tracker

(Click the image to download it or just screenshot it.)

If you need alternative exercises, check this page:

This challenge runs the month (June 1-28th). Since you have the full details for the challenge, I will not be posting anything further on this site for now (unless I specifically reference it in my morning Connect post). Let’s go! 💪